Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Idea

Every ten years instead of just redrawing congressional districts, why don't we redraw all the national borders. But without any geographical limitations. So part of of Poland can be in lower NJ, and Timbuktu can be partly near the north pole. Really mix it up. I bet a lot more Americans would have passports, just so they could go to the nearest 7-11. "Don't go to Wawa, your sales tax will go to Pakistan!" I think after a few decades of that there's be bigger sense of international community and globalism. And people wouldn't have to move, (unless they want to stay part of whatever country they started in); I think just having to live within the "borders" of another country would be enough to cross pollenate culture. Haha. Imagine German TV airing all over the Bible Belt, or getting nothing but Iranian news in Washington DC!

Totally half-bake* but i like the general idea so far...


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Laura Galbraith said...

hmm.... i think that'd probably be a hell of alot more exciting. :D