Monday, April 7, 2008


by Jerry Saltz

Ikea’s homepage recently proposed: "Feel free to take advantage of us." At Postmasters Gallery, the wily Guy Ben-Ner has happily obliged. Last year, without permission, this Israel-born artist, who lives in New York and Berlin -- he ably represented Israel in the 2005 Venice Biennale -- installed himself, his wife and their two cutie-pie kids in Ikea model rooms all over the world. Setting a camcorder on "auto," Ben-Ner filmed his family in a semi-scripted soap opera. Most scenes last until Ikea staff throws everyone out. The result is the bitingly crackpot, politically poignant 18-minute Stealing Beauty.

Ishmaelites Among Us!

From the the google books version of

Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health

By John McCabe.

So far reads less like a book on nutrition and more like an inspiring call to action. <3

YouTube i too weird

What's up with the full bleed on the newer YouTube skin? So annoying when using safari since there's not enough contrast with the background applications.

And while i'm at is why is the player window's control's so basic when so many sites which basically amount to rip-offs have way more options like Mofile and Youku. They make it look so easy to watch anything in sepia tones or correct aspect ratios. I guess it's jsut the american way. We like our camera's on auto snapshot and we like our videos to play with no hassles.