Thursday, November 30, 2006

Awesome shirt!

complete with bad Engrish grammar (OK for ENgrish it's perfect grammar)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Empty Thine PJs!

I know it sound perverse at first, but just wait and see where it goes.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

If You Ever We so Curious as I

In regards to the mechanizations and origins of sewing machines. Here it is.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Billy the Squid

©2006 Nate Bear

Another drawing that bubbled to the surface while I cleaned my car. I don't really remember drawing this. However, I can tell you that it depicts Squidman, a character I created about 10 years ago whom I haven't drawn much since. I must have figured it was time for a revival to see how I might interpret him now.

I drew Mickey Just Like Everyone Who Drew Him Before Me

I think that is an awesome idea. It's a beautiful site to see so many interpretations of single idea.

I'm posting the one I just submitted only because they resize it so small. I've drawn Mickey several times before with the website in mind but i never got around ot posting them. I drew this one just for the heck of it without intending to post it up but still having the website in the back of my mind when i started (doe sthat make sense?) Then today I stumbled upon a link to the site and went, "What the heck!" So now here it is all colored for your eyes to enjoy. You do enjoy it don't you?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Napkin Drawing I found

under my carseat!

Friday, November 10, 2006

When asked what one uses to get into their car most people would likely respond, “My keys.” However most of don’t really use what we’re talking about. Most of use the little clicker bound to the keys by a keychain. The car goes, “BOOP BOOP!” and we enter it. Only then does one use the keys to start the engine. The key is still useful for opening the door but unless you’ve clicked the clicker the alarm goes off despite your legal authority to enter it (well my particular car does anyway). In any case in the contemporary western system of symbols a key is a narrow metal thing that you poke into a (key)hole to open a door of some kind. However, a key is universally defined* as a tool one uses to gain acces to something else. A key on a map gives you access to the information on the map. They key to a code gives you access to what the spies are talking about. They key to the cupboard gives you access to canned chili. The BOOP BOOP clicker is one of two possible keys that allows you access to the interior of your car. Therefore, EVERYONE uses keys to get into our cars, whether it bee a grooved metal rod, a mangled coat hanger, or a red clay brick, and everyone who answers the question conventionally is right.

*The dictionary actually says a key is piece of metal with little notches that undoes locks.

(Side note: I had to retrace my steps to the front entranc eof my house soi could remember that my bright idea was about keys. Otherwise this post might have been about how it sucks to lose a good ideas. Key enthusiasts rejoice!)
If you found yourself on an alien planet which resides in the solar system of a sun with significantly bluer light than our own “yellow” sun, then everything would appear sot be in various shades of blue or colors heavily tinted towards the blue range of the spectrum. However the natives of this planet would see a very broad spectrum of colors as they’d be evolutionarily adapted to take full advantage of the spectrum available to them. I bet there are spiders on our own planet that can see more shades of blue than we can imagine. Maybe I’m just talking about humans that would be born on that planet. In any case Darwin was an evolved being, whereas those of us who claim to be Intelligently Designed are neither.