Sunday, December 16, 2007

Duck, Speak!

Hello. Feeling fat? My name is Zabazar Jimbekte, the royal prince of Timbuktu, and it i s my official duty to inform you that you've won the Tribal Lottery of Sankore!!! That's right you are entitled to Totally Free 1000 iPod Nanos of your choice. All you have to do is send me a nominal fee of 500 penis enlargement pills to cover the cost of making a wire transfer into your account. If you do not have 500 penis pills I just hear do this great way to make mad cash flippin' houses for a profit. I know a guy who QUIT HIS JOB and spends 30 seconds a year turning money pits into gold. That's right you can be a huge man with pockets full of Nano and profit all from the comfort of you home if you accept this lottery invitation to burn fat from your secret celebrity quiz! If you can tell me which of these people is the most famous I'll throw in Playstations from Macy's. I just got mine and it was so easy to obtain, i QUIT MY JOB (to solicit my friends non-stop for 5 weeks to earn point rewards).
•Angelina Jolie
•Paris Hilton
•Beyonce Knowles

CORRECT! Click your state to find out the mortgage savings you could earn by completely this survey that also entitles you to twice the Lottery winnings your dead Aunt Rosa my have left for you outside the door. Go check! May take 2-3 centuries to arrive. Until then I have ringtones for your camera that are so hot I dropped my mp3 Phone. Soulja Boy Britney Spears 50 Cent and more! Just send me the Penis Pills already!

Thanks! How are you doing.

said the little boy working at the market. "I do fancy a joy every now and then. Edna rejoiced at the news because all of her spirits were expressed in full sentences, similar to those of normal human being who speak English and have the common decency to at least stop sending penis enlargement advertisement to male strangers. She finally replied to the boy, "I so love spam. It really makes my day!" The brown dog jumped over the grey ma


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