Saturday, May 5, 2007

Shameless Imparting

So the other day Johnk posted all sorts of details about these storyboarding lessons he's giving his pupil, Rex. At the end of the post is the complete outline for the cartoon Rex was storyboarding. Well, the story was so inspiring and I got really excited about it. All these pictures started popping up in my head. So I started illustrating my own take on the outline. Of course I had already viewed Rex's drawing for most of the cartoon so most of it ended up being plagiarism. However, I think my main point of this was to elaborate my own details into the storyboard. Moreover, I screwed up some of the details, such as George should be stuffing an elephant seal; I just drew a generic sea otter thingy.I also had a bunch of ideas about the rest of the story but @ 5am I sorta needed to get SOME sleep. Ha. IN any case here's what I DID draw:

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