Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I thought I'd try to redesign some of the horrible posters John K posted but try to use the same concept they were meant to portray.

Here's a Shrek poster where they are actually scared of the flame-spewing dragon.
I took the idea of the poster at face value. I know in the movie they befriend the dragon and that's why someone decided to make them all smile in the original. However, If that's the case my friends don't usually show flames at my ass when we go jogging. (i usually shoot fire at their asses because they're so slow).
Of course i tried to keep everything off center. In fact they all seem to be running from it. Heh. I'm still working on the colors. You can probably tell I'm into garish colors.

I got a couple other ideas for reworking this one. So hopefully I'll have a functioning color scheme by then. But hey, that's what this is all about. actually challenge oneself and putting some thought into the design, the exact opposite of the originals that were shat out in 0.2 seconds.

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TP said...

haha, hilarious!